Thursday, 14 May 2015

If You Have Nothing to Hide ...

The Grooovey One speaks (1) and no one feels afraid. Watch this and be afraid:

A government that believes obeying the law is no guarantee of freedom from interference in one's life by those ostensibly acting on behalf of the law, in a world in which 'The Police' do not understand, recognise, respect or obey the law, should be a terrifying place for those who depend upon the rule of law but sufficient see it as more comforting than the alternative, which is why The Grooovey One now feels able to clamp down on lawful dissent, which is simply another term for freedom of speech and expression.

Gruff thanks to Talbot Munce, at Crimebodge for the link to the video.

(1) The Daily Mail, 13 May 2015 (published on-line at 00:14) 'We must end the idea that as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone, says Cameron in hardline terror crackdown'

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

EU Referendum: Dummies, Rattles, Prams, Criticism and Dr Richard North

Richard North, the petulant, dummy spitting, rattle throwing lover of 'democracy' (democracy as personally approved by Richard North, the Kim Jong-un of EU Scepticism) is again throwing stones at those whose sincere desire to suck at the public tit conflict with his own. Yet again he's throwing his rattle and spitting his dummy at Nigel Farage for having the audacity to be more politically astute than Richard North, and yet again he's showing his less than acute political acumen by inviting us all to read the astute (With a doctor for an obviously adoring dad, and the three W thingy, and e-mail and so on, it's difficult, to the point of sensibly avoidable effort, now not to seem clever.) observations of his rebel manqué son 'Complete Bastard' (Sorry Mum and Dad?), the artist responsible for the less than striking emblem of the less than sensible Harrogate Agenda.

This time North and his obedient and apparently well fed bastard (Is the son proclaiming the father a cuckold? Should the putative father demand a paternity test? Do we care?) have latched on to yet another mistake by the UKIP press office ('Look dad, look dad, I think I've found something.' 'Well done son, here's another 'insightful' nugget for your web site, and thanks for the logo son, those idiots approved it unanimously.). In support of a comment, by nonsequiturcouk, that the Great Dick deemed worthy of his personal spite I wrote this (blocked) comment:

'You used to take UKIP very seriously, until you were dropped as a candidate, whereupon you looked seriously at the BNP. Those of us who have never regarded either party as anything other than a fairground sideshow might be forgiven for thinking that you are either on the make and frustrated that your place at the trough was given to someone else or you are politically naive. Perhaps you saw yourself as the leader and cannot forgive those who were not dazzled by your brilliance.

Whether or not, UKIP may be a joke but if voting UKIP, or BNP, is the only way to make some sort of permissible protest, one that doesn't result in being kettled and beaten to death, for their own safety, then voting for a UKIP candidate is the only course open to those who wish to make a protest and no argument you can make can change that.

You are the only person I have found making a sensible argument for quitting the EU and how to do it, yet you undermine your credibility by behaving like an unforgiving betrayed lover. Your puerile outbursts are, to those who oppose you, nails to be hammered into the coffin of an exit campaign.

Carry on, by all means, but don't blame Farage when the only cogent argument for exit is destroyed with the revelation that its author and principal proponent is simply carrying on a personal vendetta against the man who frustrated his political ambitions.'

He's not so bad, and sad, as to impose a very bad haircut on those below him, and he isn't so good, or grown up, as to allow those who can't see him as the messiah to criticise him. Perhaps that's why he was dropped by UKIP and looked to the BNP for his place at the trough. Think about that when the blame for the failure of the exit referendum is thrown about.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Richard North: Putting the North in North Korea?

Blocked for a challenging post?  Those who've read his oft repeated criticisms of 'The Great Leader' might enjoy the irony.

Tip for those dreaming of stardom: don't delete criticism.

Just for the record, here's my comment:
'This cannot put anyone off voting UKIP. No one will vote for Nigel in the hope of anything better - all we who are at the bottom of the dung pile can hope to see is the bonfire that consumes the engineers, and all your petty and vindictive spite can do is to encourage us to add you to the pile.
You were dropped as an MEP candidate and have not achieved what you think is your destiny. So what? That you once considered joining the BNP tells us all we need to know. You're a disappointed suckler at the public tit and you hold the ticket office clerk responsible for your inability to buy the right ticket.
Time has passed you by yet you cannot accept that you are an old man and are never going to lead us all to glory. Get over it. All you are ever going to be is a footnote in a few arcane accounts of whatever our period is remembered as history. Get over it.
Leave UKIP to those of us who can vote for nothing else, other than spoiling our papers, reiterate your Flexit arguments, accept that you cannot win and are unlikely to be carried shoulder high to the promised land and stop petulantly throwing stones at those who are more politically astute than you.'
He knows what is best for us and we cannot be allowed to waste his time arguing otherwise.  Democrat or just another Tony Blair in blah blah bing bong bubble land?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Corporate Greed, Corrupt Politicians and the NHS

Those of us who are not informed about the critical issues of our time can never know what is true and what not, and what of what is true has been exaggerated. However, although the possibility of political bias and the inevitable long-term self-interest of the participants must be borne in mind, the claims made in this video seem disturbingly plausible. Some of them are alarming

Health is a devolved issue and this documentary makes clear that it describes what is happening to NHS England only and not Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. No wonder they won't allow an English Parliament with powers at least equal to that of Scotland. An English Parliament would stop this and perhaps much else dead.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Flexcit: a Nice Concise Explanation of a Very Complicated Process

I remember watching, as a boy, a programme in which the grandiose building schemes of the great landed aristocrats of the eighteenth century were presented and examined. One of the points made was that the movement away from the strictly formal gardens of the renaissance towards the informal parks that still surround baroque palaces and Palladian mansions required a shift to long-term thinking and the avenues of mature indigenous trees lining the approaches to those houses were planned and planted by men who knew they were never to see them in their full glory. That's rather what Richard North is doing in the video above. Unfortunately, we live in the age of the instant garden make-over and far too many voluble and opinionated people think that all we need do is grub up the knot garden and all will automatically be beautiful and verdant again.

I don't think an exit referendum can be won but if we have any chance at all of getting out Flexcit is it, and if the referendum is lost 'it' provides a solid base for the long march to the next one, should it ever come.

As an aside, it is disappointing to see so few under sixty present. I suppose that a yearning for freedom cannot grow in the hearts of the young until they have suffered decades of brutal oppression, as in eastern Europe before the iron curtain was hacked down. However, we haven't the time for a slow awakening: we are moving rapidly into an age in which technology makes any form of dissent impossible because it will literally be unthinkable.