Monday, 10 January 2011

In England's Green and Pleasant Land?

The right to express opinions that others may find obnoxious or repellant is a sine qua non for democracy and does not require the agreement of the Labour Party, the mob or 'The Police'. The ejection of the BNP candidate from the Oldham hustings should provoke shock and outrage in all who hold freedom of speech dear. Those who are not shocked or outraged should at least understand that dissent is no longer allowed and will be suppressed, with force if necessary.

The actions of 'The Police' in Oldham should make clear to those of the English public who have not understood before that police officers are now the enemies of liberty and the willing servants of tyranny. The forcible removal of Derek Adams by 'The Police' at the request of a political opponent, simply to prevent him from speaking, has broken again the contract between ourselves and the law, and ourselves and those who govern. Our ancient rights and liberties have been set at nought and with them our obligation to obey the law. When the time comes to overthrow the anti-democratic tyranny working to snuff out freedom in England we will have to deal with 'The Police'.

The BNP version of events is available here.

Gruff thanks to EU Referendum for the link to the video.


James Higham said...

There was a similar situation before the last general election with our Independent who was refused permission to speak or even be on the platform.

The reason was that he was going to be naming names.


Well put![unless they're talking about me then THAT'S a whole different ballgame and heads will roll]