Friday, 28 January 2011

Pour Encourager Les Autres: Go Moslems!

Followers of the 'religion of peace' have reportedly issued a fatwa against the MP masquerading as the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Theresa May. Gruff hopes that more are issued against other members of the House of Commons and that they are carried out. 'The Police' are said to be investigating. Should they experience difficulties in understanding this quirky Moslem custom Gruff would respectfully remind the gristle brained boys and girls in blue that they are required to show due deference to their Mohammedan masters and not to offend them in any way, which may explain why police officers run away whenever they are confronted by a peace loving, traffic cone throwing, insult chanting mob of them.

Mrs May may find that 'The Police', who are also reported as being too frightened of the dark to patrol after 20:00, are too frightened of Mohammed's murderous mobs to protect her. Let's hope so.

In another report the Moslem population of this green and pleasant land is expected to double to five and a half million within twenty years. The 'YouTubed' deaths by bomb, bullet, stoning or decapitation of a few of the Westminster rats might bring the others to their senses and would be in the best long-term interests of England.


James Higham said...

Be careful what you wish for.

William Gruff said...

'The biter bit' you mean? The answer to your comment requires a post of some length and I lost my enthusiasm for those some time ago so I'll content myself with:

That's not a worry for me. I cannot prevent what I see growing in my ancestral homeland and so will not worry about what may happen to me in consequence of it, because the odds are overwhelmingly that it may not. The indigenous populations of the British Isles and the European continent will have to deal with the Moslems at some point in the not too distant future. The cowardice of those we send to parliament, and those who serve them, when faced with Moslem threats ensures that in dealing with them the indigenous peoples must accept that an unpleasant death is possible. There will be bloodshed, and some of us must die. That is due entirely to the greed, corruption, dishonesty, stupidity and cowardice of our political classes. I do not wish for violence, indeed I fear it, but I know it cannot be avoided. I have always believed that nothing in this country will be changed until those responsible fear for their lives and if the death of one politician, or better still all six hundred and twenty nine, saves the life of one struggling English tax payer then I say Go Moslems.

There comes a time Higham when threatening thugs must be confronted and called out and our 'leaders' told to lead or leave us to do the job ourselves.

I don't believe that the posters announcing the fatwa are genuine but I welcome them none the less. Anything that scares those trough grubbing bastards at Westminster is welcome now.

Harry Hook said...

"I do not wish for violence, indeed I fear it, but I know it cannot be avoided."

I concur WG...