Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Broadcasting (Television Licence Fee Abolition) Bill 2010-11

The BBC is one of the very serious problems currently afflicting England and measures to bring it to heel are long overdue so the Broadcasting (Television Licence Fee Abolition) Bill 2010-11, sponsor Peter Bone (Conservative, Wellingborough), is a welcome attempt.


Anonymous said...

* 1st reading:
House of Commons: 05.07.2010.

* 2nd reading:
House of Commons: 13.01.2012

"This Bill will be on the Order Paper for a Second Reading debate on 13 January 2012, although the House is not expected to sit on this day."

... and considering it has a further 9 stages before getting Royal Assent... don't hold your breath WG.

William Gruff said...

The bill has no chance Harry but ... if all of those who want the licence abolished write to their Member of Parliament demanding his support for it we might just see a political class, slowly coming to understand that it can no longer take its privileges, and sinecures, for granted coming to understand that time has run out.

The man in the street cares not one jot for the Eurozone, Iraq, hunting, the rights of photographers, students, quantitative easing, WTC7, Area 51 or lizards in control at the UN. He does care about the increasing number of licences he must buy, taxes and fines pay and forms fill in simply to go about his daily routine while trying ever harder, and decreasing success, to mind his own business.

It's a small thing but it's more likely to strike a chord with the man in the street than many much bigger issues.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's far more likely that significantly large numbers of people will stop paying the TV Tax, before the government abolishes it.

William Gruff said...


James Higham said...

Agreed - sooner the better.

Chrysalis said...

Well, being that I'm not British, I'll abstain from opinion. However, I applaud your efforts at speaking out against things you feel passionately about:)

Take care

William Gruff said...

Chrysalis: Thank you for your kind comment and good wishes.

PS: Not being British is something we share.

Gruff (English not British, except for my passport)