Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mark Menzies MP: What Bloody Use is He to The Tax Payers of Fylde?

From They Work For You:
Mark Menzies: May I join the Secretary of State in his condolences to the family of Phil Gallie, a fellow Ayrshireman and someone I knew well?  The Secretary of State mentioned the efforts to promote jobs. Will he update the House on what he has done to follow up on the visit of the vice-premier of China, in particular on the trade links between Scotland and China?
(See here for a record of the context in which the question was asked)

No mention there of trade links between The Fylde and China to promote jobs for the tax paying voters of Fylde, who pay so much to subsidise their MP's Scotch compatriots, and their MP. If the honourable gentleman is concerned about the overseas trade propsects of his former homeland he should consider standing for a Scotch seat and not waste the time of the voters of Fylde asking questions in the House of Commons that are not in their interests. That he was selected and elected to the constituency suggests that local Conservatives are less concerned with the constituency than they are with their relations with the organ grinders at head office, and the colour of the rosette the monkey of the moment wears.

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