Sunday, 20 February 2011

More From Douglas Murray, and A Little from Mark Steyn

I have no idea what prompted the references to Churchill. Perhaps they are some sort of antipodean joke about 'Poms', which may well be the case since Mark Steyn is not averse to the occasional, not to say distinctly odd, disparaging remark about our green and pleasant land, parts of which have been made 'grey and dingy', most of which is still brilliantly verdant however. That notwithstanding he has made some pertinent observations on the evil twins of of cultural relativism and multiculturalism.

Here's Mr Steyn:


Harry Hook said...

I do like Douglas Murray. Mark Steyn, a Canadian who was educated at one of Birmingham's King Edward's Schools in the 70's (hence the 'grey and dingy'), is an admirer of Churchill, so I don't think he was being particularly derogatory in any way, probably the complete opposite.

Steyn once commented that Geert Wilders had not done himself any favours by quoting Churchill in the House of Lords, thus cementing his reputation as a fanatic before our left leaning elite. He could also be poking fun at Murray's statement in the Telegraph, that Nick Clegg is no Churchill.

William Gruff said...

Thanks for the biographical information Harry. I don't like Steyn, at all, and so haven't bothered to look him up, which is why I'd assumed that he is Australian. I really should take more care with facts before slagging people off.

I don't like Birmingham either.

I don't read the papers, so was unaware of Murray's disparaging description of Clegg.