Saturday, 12 February 2011

Paisley Calls The English Kettle Black

That notorious geriatric bigot, Ian ('insult to my community') Paisley has again given gratuitous offence to the ever patient and unbelievably indulgent English, without seeming to understand that he has, ironically, insulted our 'community', in what is all too obviously a panicky response to the probability that the cosy constitutional arrangements by which the insular and fractious people of Northern Ireland have been enabled to live in English subsidised, murderous sectarian animosity will not be allowed to last for very much longer.

Paisley's disgraceful outburst occurred during the debate on the private members bill, the Legislation (Territorial Extent) Bill, tabled by Harriet Baldwin, the Conservative MP for West Worcestershire, although the MSM seems not to have thought it worth mentioning and left the matter to to report.

I left the following comment, which was still awaiting moderation as I wrote this piece:
Paisley's nasty little Anglophobic tirade is only to be expected. He would do well to reflect, however, that the 'U'K is now very far from united and its continued existence at England's expense, and to the not inconsiderable disadvantage of the fifty million people who live here, merely to keep a million or so insular bigots of his ilk in the state to which they have long been accustomed is increasingly hard to justify.

The 'union' that protects the likes of Paisley exists in name only and its constitutional demise cannot be long delayed. He and his kind will then have the choice of trying to make a province in which more than four fifths of the economy depends upon the public sector, and which is still riven by sectarianism, into a viable independent state or accepting reunification with the Republic of Ireland. Should that eventuality come to pass Paisley's descendants will be citizens of a united Ireland and the people of England will have the last laugh on a nasty, narrow minded little man who has never known when to keep his mouth shut.

Here's to independence for England.

Need one say more?

Gruff thanks to Toque ('I'm Reading', 12/2/11) for the link to the item.

Post Script: It seems that I am more than a little out of date (not unusual) and owe Baron Bannside, of North Antrim in the County of Antrim, an apology. The relevant Anglophobic bigot in this instance is not the (ig)noble old rabble-rouser happily bearing the ancient English title of lord but his ignoble son, Ian Paisley Junior, who shows every indication of carrying on in the fashion of his father, although his career may not be quite as lengthy. It is amusing to consider his chances of a seat in the Dáil Éireann or Seanad Éireann and to wonder whether future historians will regard the aspiring dynasts as anything more than a minor footnote to the troubled story of a tiny and otherwise irrelevant province that was eventually absorbed by a small, impoverished country on the western edge of Europe.

Gruff thanks to Toque, again, for putting me right.


Toque said...

I think it was bigot junior rather than bigot geriatric, but regardless I agree.

William Gruff said...

The 'member' (perhaps it's my puerile sense of humour but I can't help guffawing at the pun) for North Antrim at Westminster. Junior is a MNIA / NIAM, member of nothing important (Taig?), or whatever they call themselves, but not an MP, as far as I am aware.

William Gruff said...

How embarrassing, and I thought I'd checked carefully. Such are the perils of blogging late at night having consumed a goodly quantity of ale.

Thanks for pointing out my error.


LOL! Well said and well written as usual.

I would love for you to follow this up with a response to your comment if it's moderated.

I hate Northern Irelanders who are nothing more than crown kissing D.P's

Send then to Iraq with Tony Blair, I say.


I LOVE the way you write!

James Higham said...

Kike father, like son, it seems.

William Gruff said...

A pun I've failed to understand, an innocent typo or 'naked' anti-semitism?

William Gruff said...

Uber you must be my biggest fan.