Saturday, 19 February 2011

Phil Dolan: This Week's Little Piggy!

The Little Piggy Award (cue Little Piggy fanfare) is a recent innovation and I'm delighted to offer the very first Pox Anglorum Little Piggy of The Week award to pig faced Phil Dolan, who has taken the terminally acquiescent and complacent sheeple of South Somerset for a princely £569,000 of our 'Briddish' pounds.
Here's a picture of the trough grubbing, swill swilling, pig-faced tub of tax payers' lard and his humble sty:

Swill Dolan, this weeks Little Piggy, and sty.

I will be delighted to publish a confirmed report, with video, of the death squeals of Swill, preferably recorded as the bastard chokes and kicks while hanging by a piano wire noose from a lamp post.

Gruff thanks to EU Referendum for the link to the story, and to the Daily Telegraph for the photograph.

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