Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Voice of Reason

Douglas Murray, director of The Centre for Social Cohesion, showing the sort of intellectual leadership many concerned and generally moderate citizens of England have literally been crying out for for decades past. When the clear and confident voice of reason speaks in such unequivocal tones those not so well placed nor well equipped can argue with authority that there is undeniably a problem and know with certainty that the problem is at last clearly recognised and understood.

The threat posed to western societies by the growth of Mohammedanism within Europe is cause for alarm to anyone and everyone who cherishes our rich and varied European experiences, histories, cultures, customs, traditions and values, all of which form our common heritage and our common bond, and not just to those, such as the EDL, predisposed to less cerebral, although by no means less valid, expressions of concern. Islam does not welcome intellectual enquiry and those who do have as much to fear as the unemployed and excluded white working classes of Luton and Bradford and a hundred other English towns and cities. Speeches such as Mr Murray's are a welcome and long overdue encouragement to the hitherto grudgingly acquiescent silent majority who have suffered the consequences of policies over which they had no control and fear for a future they are not allowed to shape.

There was a time when programmes such as The BBC's This World - 2010-2011 would generally have been accepted as an honest and impartial exposé of a serious threat to the long term interests of the various European peoples. Now we know differently and that time is past. All the BBC, and The Guardian, and Searchlight, and UAF achieved with that programme was to bring Geert Wilders to a wider audience, for which they must be thanked, and pitied, for the BBC is no longer respected and revered as a source of disinterested truth. Now it is despised as the propaganda machine of a malign ideology that seeks to destroy all we hold dear and what it tells us is black we know must therefore be white. Programmes such as This World - 2010-2011 are no more than the last desperate punts of a desperate gambler who sees that he is finally out of money having long been out of luck.

The last general election was a great disappointment to many who thought that fundamental change was then more than a will o' the wisp but there are encouraging signs that the winds are starting to blow fair and the knowledge that moderates are becoming militant gives fresh heart to all of us. We can see now that we are not alone. Whatever and however we think, we know that millions in England think as we do and we need be silent and acquiescent no longer.

Change is coming and it will be on our terms, not theirs, whoever they may be.

Gruff thanks, yet again, to Harry Hook, of The Final Redoubt for the link to the video at YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Well put WG... it's another one of those occasions where you wonder " Douglas Murray! What f****** planet have you just (suddenly?) arrived from... welcome."

William Gruff said...

Many thanks Harry. It's the intellectual validation essential to any nascent movement that Mr Douglas has laid the foundations for. No movement that has an intellectual motor and a grass roots transmission can be stopped.

James Higham said...

There was a powerful piece in le figaro about this in Europe today and I'll translate, use Harry's youtube and your article here on Saturday. It needs to be addressed and addressed now.

William Gruff said...

No one likes a show off Higham. Le Figaro indeed!