Friday, 11 March 2011

Britain on The Brink

(We should not commit ourselves to 'free trade' obligations with those who sell a great deal more to us than they buy from us: That's very bad for the balance of payments - not to mention our own ability to produce - which has not been referred to by 'our' media or politicians for a very long time).

(Don't take any notice of Mr Bukovsky as he has a foreign accent, and they cannot be trusted. Just sleep on, 'citizen', you have nothing to fear from the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are rapidly taking control of every aspect of your life and the technology to make it unbearable.)

Sadly the appearance and accents of the people who appeared in those videos have been the object of caricature and satirical parody for so long that the message they proclaim cannot but be ignored, at best, or lost, at worst, in the cacophonous derision of the soap watching (And dodging?) masses. Vladimir Bukovsky could have said 'my hovercraft is full of eels' or 'iz day nordern lie-in korrairkt for day Feenlunt Stairtion?' and have elicited the same response from the great British public.

Videos at YouTube are not enough. Those who seek to save England from British treason must be prepared to work at the constituency level, even on cold, wet and windy nights, to explain to voters that continuing to vote blindly for the parties that have created, perpetuate and exacerbate the mess we are in cannot possibly help us out of it. That isn't going to be easy.

When that fails, as it cannot but, we must be prepared for violence.

That isn't going to be easy.

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