Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Who Cares For The English Working Class?

Easily mocked, by those less mature or secure, but those who would mock him should bear in mind that he is a man with genuine concerns, he was willing to turn out to show his support for those who can articulate his fears more forcefully and he has a vote.  He's there only because those who pretended to care about the long-term interests of his grandparents and their descendants do not care at all for him and see him only as a source of taxes, a vote and an object of ridicule.

That man is as much the stuff of revolutionary change as were his ancestors and mine, and he is to be applauded for speaking his mind.


Anonymous said...

Considering that he is aware of one of the greatest threats to western civilisation... how can he be deemed foolish?

William Gruff said...

Comment not deleted.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be acting like some kind of agent prevocateur WG... If you don't value my cyber-friendship and you want me to fuck the fuck off... then I'll simply fuck the fuck off... I ain't biting.

You know full well that the only issue I had with your comment was your proclaimed DIY skills... and I was thinking of your safety... as well as my own.

It recently came to my attention that TPTB are listing shoppers who are purchasing inordinate amounts of canned food... via loyalty card/credit/debit info... so, I should not be at all surprised if your comment didn't flag up on some spooks screen.


William Gruff said...

Agent provocateur? Moi? Nothing so subtle Harry; I'm taking the piss but you mustn't take my gentle chiding of your timidity to heart. The powers that be can do what the fuck they like, I cannot stop them, or anyone else, from springing a nasty surprise on me, at any time so I won't worry about what they might do. They've been spying on those they fear are a threat for at least a hundred years and they won't be stopped by those who live in fear of them. Unless we show them now that we aren't afraid of them we'll only have ourselves to blame when they're strapping us down and water boarding us for daring to hold views they disapprove of or tazering us for not walking as quickly as ordered.

Freedoms are not defended by those who are afraid of tyrants but if associating with outspoken people frightens you don't do it.

However I doubt that you and I are worth more than the occasional stop and search, and you are always welcome here, even if I should seem to be provocative.

As an aside: We buy lots of tinned tomatoes and various sorts of tinned beans, so they may suspect us of eating a lot of spicy bean stew. Mrs Gruff takes tinned soups to work twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We're both up to no good but don't tell anyone.

Take care.