Monday, 8 August 2011

London's Burning, and Leeds and Birmingham

An exaggeration but things are clearly getting out of hand and the trouble is spreading. Expect outbreaks in Liverpool, Bradford and Manchester within 24 hours, at most. Cameron and his arse licking clowns must be shitting themselves.

Politics, and blogging, are becoming interesting again.

On the bright side, BBC news crews have been the object of threats and intimidation.

Update at 23:40 BST: Reports on Radio 5 Live claim that the participants are tooling up and attacking people. One report claimed that 'youths' are carrying metal bars and machetes, another that a woman had been dragged from her car, which was subsequently set alight.

Update at 23:44 BST: A LMFAO moment when R5 Live reported that Ed Miliband is cutting short his holiday.

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