Sunday, 6 November 2011

Slowly But Surely ... Eventually

'Slowly but surely', and 'eventually', we will do it, legally or illegally, peacefully or violently. The power is ours, the law is ours and we will take it back from those who have stolen it, and hold the guilty to account.

Old Mother Gruff (deceased) told me long ago that even dictators need the consent of the governed and I smiled when I heard Roger Hayes repeat her imparted wisdom.

All we need to do is withdraw our consent and say no more and no further.

Addendum: I've been wondering for a while why we cannot create our own banks but being a bear of very little brain I have hitherto consoled myself with the thought that I am too stupid to understand the complexities of banking. I'm delighted to learn that others not so stupid have had the same thoughts. Perhaps we'll see the return of mutual societies.

Gruff thanks to Fausty's Libertarian Blog for the link to the video.

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