Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Who Cares For The English Working Class?

Easily mocked, by those less mature or secure, but those who would mock him should bear in mind that he is a man with genuine concerns, he was willing to turn out to show his support for those who can articulate his fears more forcefully and he has a vote.  He's there only because those who pretended to care about the long-term interests of his grandparents and their descendants do not care at all for him and see him only as a source of taxes, a vote and an object of ridicule.

That man is as much the stuff of revolutionary change as were his ancestors and mine, and he is to be applauded for speaking his mind.

With Hindsight

The first three videos are collections of clips from the following six, which can be viewed as a whole at the BBC web site. The film was first broadcast on Saturday, 8th March, 2008.

This is the full version:

The videos pose many questions and offer many topics for discussion and comment, and a transcript would be useful.

Friday, 11 March 2011

On A Police State

The judiciary and the constabulary being corrupt, an Englishman is within his rights to arrest both judges and constables, and it is his patriotic duty to do so, provided always that his actions are within the constraints of English common law.

On Free Trade

Thinking about free trade, I thought again of the repeal of the corn laws, as occasionally I do. The repeal of the corn laws was undoubtedly a good thing for grain merchants, millers, bakers and The Great British Public. It was a bad thing for those tenant farmers struggling to pay their rents each quarter day who relied on wheat for their income and a very bad thing for those they employed at a pittance who could not afford to journey with their families, on foot or by cart, to an industrial town in the hope of an unskilled factory job and a home in a building that was a slum when built.

Free trade is a good thing for traders and those who profit from supplying them, and a bad thing for everyone else.

Britain on The Brink

(We should not commit ourselves to 'free trade' obligations with those who sell a great deal more to us than they buy from us: That's very bad for the balance of payments - not to mention our own ability to produce - which has not been referred to by 'our' media or politicians for a very long time).

(Don't take any notice of Mr Bukovsky as he has a foreign accent, and they cannot be trusted. Just sleep on, 'citizen', you have nothing to fear from the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are rapidly taking control of every aspect of your life and the technology to make it unbearable.)

Sadly the appearance and accents of the people who appeared in those videos have been the object of caricature and satirical parody for so long that the message they proclaim cannot but be ignored, at best, or lost, at worst, in the cacophonous derision of the soap watching (And dodging?) masses. Vladimir Bukovsky could have said 'my hovercraft is full of eels' or 'iz day nordern lie-in korrairkt for day Feenlunt Stairtion?' and have elicited the same response from the great British public.

Videos at YouTube are not enough. Those who seek to save England from British treason must be prepared to work at the constituency level, even on cold, wet and windy nights, to explain to voters that continuing to vote blindly for the parties that have created, perpetuate and exacerbate the mess we are in cannot possibly help us out of it. That isn't going to be easy.

When that fails, as it cannot but, we must be prepared for violence.

That isn't going to be easy.

Who Governs Europe?

We have yet to discover the extent of Gordon Brown's treachery.

The EU Threat: Wake Up England, Wake Up!

The following series of videos has been available for some time but the concerns it expresses, the claims it makes and the course of action it advocates are still valid:

Whether or not we can now 'legally' remove ourselves from the EU we must get out and we cannot get out while we allow ourselves to be governed by committed Eurofederalists who will never put our interests before theirs.

When our streets are patrolled by armed foreign police and controlled by armed foreign soldiers, while our own police and soldiers are the occupying forces in other EU nations, it will be too late. That day is not far off. We must get out soon, and our best hope of doing so, other than overthrowing the current regime, is to force it to act as we wish and not as it pleases. Time is running out.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Corruption That is The EU: Christopher Story

Christopher Story died of liver failure on 14th July, 2010, having complained of being unwell for some time previously. His obituarist concedes that he could have died of natural causes.

Democracy Gone Wrong: Dele Ogun

Lawful Rebellion at Birkenhead County Court

We are governed and policed only with our consent. When police officers abuse the authority we vest in them, in order that they may serve us, and behave unlawfully they forfeit that consent. When police officers engage in acts of violence against us they invite violence against them in turn. 'The Police' need to understand that they have no God given monopoly on violence and we are under no obligation to obey them.

Gruff thanks to Harry Hook at The Final Redoubt for the link (and here) to the videos.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cameron on AV

Whilst we need parliamentary reform urgently we do not need electoral reform of any sort, except in the matter of postal voting and eligibility to vote. There is nothing wrong with FPTP and the system does not need interfering with. The way to deprive idiots like Cameron of their majorities is to abolish the whip system and make MPs absolutely accountable to their constituents, not their party hierarchies.

The age of 'leaders', especially those who plague us with their visions, is past.