Thursday, 12 July 2012

Send Three and Fourpence

Since losing the will to live some years ago I've found it almost impossible to write anything of any worth, although I haven't given up trying, and subsequently deleting, almost daily.  I tried to write something of any worth about the attempt by the occupants of Fred Wigg, or whatever the block is called, to stop 'THEM' from mounting Tower Block to Air rockets on the roof of their homes, and failed, as did the the occupants of Fred etc.  However, I really could not let this pass by without comment.  Sadly, I'm unable to write anything more eloquent than 'aye right', as they say somewhere north of Lancashire.  A 'whistelblower', presumably not David Shayler, says there's an even chance of someone spoiling the big knees up in the all singing, all dancing, living, breathing paradise (72 virgins guaranteed) multi-culti East End.  Aye fucking right.  With unsold tickets changing hands on eBay for less than the price of a sheet of used lavatory paper the chance of a false flag operative 'terrorist' slipping in under the press of the crowd must be slim at best.  However, there's always another Brazilian illegal to shoot seven times in the head at close range so don't be surprised when 'stenders is interrupted with an important announcement that your safety has been assured yet again by brainless psychopaths with a history of doing you harm.

I've no idea what tune we are expected to dance to these days; I'm certain, however, that I shall have to fork out a fucking sight more than £0.17, in the short, medium and long terms, for admission.

I shan't be watching the farce that has always been the Olympics and I recommend those who think it a waste of our great great grandchildren's yet to be hard earned cash to 'vote' for someone else as soon as possible.

And that is all I am able to say about that (What price education, and I've had a bit of that?)

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